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Bismillah (in the name of God)

This blog has been a long time coming. As a Muslim convert involved in the American Muslim community and as a grad student who thinks too much, I’ve realized I have a lot to say, and facebook comments/messages are probably not the best place for me to do all my thinking. I am addicted to facebook because I love the exchange of ideas, articles, pictures and comments but I should graduate to my own blog now, right? I look forward to exploring different topics and getting feedback. My intention is to 1) learn by writing reflections and responses (what can I get from different articles? what can I learn from my peers who comment?) 2) not feed the trolls (grow up and learn how to deal with haters, let them hate perhaps?). In short I hope this can be a shamelessly selfish project where others can help me learn instead of me telling others what I think. 😀

I’m thankful for my family and friends who have encouraged me to start writing more, and writing publicly. Writing need not be a chore, and even after what I considered to be a fail of a BA Honors Thesis, hopefully I will learn to love writing again through more casual writing about topics that mean a lot to me: Religion, Pluralism, History, Politics, Identity, etc. Hopefully this timid grad student will learn not to be so afraid of disagreement…

Upcoming ideas:

1) Why I love the “Prince of Egypt” ❤

2) My favorite Qaris ❤

3) Why I don’t believe in “levels of faith” in Islam

4) The problem of MALE modesty

Favorite articles/posts of the day:

Mipsterz: Maryam Amirebrahimi on the Mipsterz, “Somewhere on the Internet Muslim Women are Being Shamed“, Buzzfeed’s Surprisingly good take on the Mipsterz, Socio-Economic critique of the Mipsterz video, Sana Saeed’s article that sparked a great deal of debate

Islamic Feminism: Against the Politicization of the Quran (Qantara.de) Original German by Nimet Seker, Translated by Nina Coon

Why Americans are so Ignorant” Alternet by Lawrence Davidson

Because ICE MUSIC IS AWESOME (Siberia for the win!)

“Why Traveling makes you a better person”

Articles I’m planning on reading later inshaAllah:

“White Women and the Privilege of Solidarity”: De-colonial Islamic Feminism with Houria Bouteldja 

There was an article in response to the Mipsterz video that was taken down. If I can find the cache version I’ll post it here inshaAllah.

Also, I felt like doing facebook art 😛

© Kate Bridges-Lyman 2013

© Kate Bridges-Lyman 2013

Here’s to hoping I’ll learn and grow through a new project,

Salam ❤

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