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Articles of the day

1. “The greenest things you can do for your body after you die” (The Atlantic)
To God we belong and to God we return: 

“It seemed somewhat perverse to me that someone can come into the world in a natural way and go out poisoning it…”

2. I just recently heard about the film “The Square” about the Egyptian Revolution of 2011 and the Morsi government as well as the army takeover after… Looking forward to watching it on Netflix Jan 17 inshaAllah 😀
Trailer here:

3. “If a drone strike hit an American wedding, we’d ground our fleet” (The Atlantic)
The article references the recent American drone strike in Yemen

“Can you imagine the wall-to-wall press coverage, the outrage, and the empathy for the victims that would follow if an American wedding were attacked in this fashion? Or how you’d feel about a foreign power that attacked your wedding in this fashion?”

4. “Wayward Son” video by Mustafa Davis

There are definitely some things I thought I had to give up for the sake of religion and spirituality (not just when I became Muslim, but even when I was becoming religious in Christianity first) and it made me miserable. I really believe so deeply that God has given us different passions and different blessings, Islam is supposed to purify us from evils and from shirk, but not from blessings…

5. No harm in a little humor: “If the story of Christmas took place entirely on Facebook” SPOT ON.

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